Collection: Tickford Racing Memberships

When you join us, you get up close and personal to the excitement, the action, the everyday activity as well as the white-knuckle anxiety that goes with race day. Whether it’s a hot lap in one of our championship race cars, a behind-the-scenes tour with the team boss, a BBQ with the drivers or the pleasure of merely adding the member pack sticker to your car, you can experience it all right alongside us.

A Tickford Racing membership gives you much more than just a place trackside – it gives you a place in the family, a spot in the team – you’re not just watching us, you’re racing with us.


Members base pack* includes:

  • Welcome letter
  • Member Cap
  • Member Pin
  • Member Lanyard
  • Bumper Sticker
  • Member card
  • Facebook member group invite
  • Priority news
  • Invite to purchase tickets into our team corporate suite
*Junior and Bathurst packs do not include base packs