Tickford Racing Membership Terms & Conditions


Please note the following Tickford Racing 2019 Membership Program Terms and Conditions

  • Member packages will be sent to the nominated address.
  • Membership is for a 12 month period commencing January 1, 2019 and ending December 31, 2019.
  • Member packs will be delivered as soon as possible after time of purchase. However, shipping delays may occur. Any enquiries can be directed to memberships@tickford.com.au or call +61 3 9300 7346.
  • Members will be issued a membership card with a unique number. Member cards will be required to be displayed to participate in the Tickford Racing workshop tour and other experiences as well as redeeming your member discounts at our trackside merchandise facility.
  • Your membership card must be presented at time of purchase trackside or in store. Tickford Racing reserves the right to refuse any merchandise discount if member fails to produce membership card. Discount only valid for purchases made direct with Tickford Racing trackside, online or in store.
  • Unique codes will be issued to claim gift vouchers online and sent upon receipt of order payment.
  • Members will be entitled to one voucher as per member pack allocation. This is preferable to be redeemed online but is possible to do at track for full amount. The voucher will be on RRP only and no discounts are applied. Member discount applies to the RRP of Team Merchandise, excluding model cars and not valid on sale items.
  • One complimentary membership team cap will be made available to members. The style of the cap offered is non-negotiable.
  • While every effort will be made to give you your preferred experience, in your preferred state, experiences are limited and will be issued on a first come, first served basis.
  • Member’s Priority Team News, Competitions & Giveaways will be announced by Tickford Racing from time to time throughout the year. Please respect the embargoed news and refrain from sharing on social media until the nominated time.
  • Members must nominate an email address or mobile phone number to receive news and information.
  • If no email address or mobile phone is provided you may miss out on some of your member experiences.
  • Members must provide a Facebook email address in order to receive the invitation to the private member Facebook group. Please submit any requests to join to Trudie Edwards. Members are not permitted to invite anyone else to the group. This is a member group only and non-members cannot be added.
  • Members will have priority access at track in the Tickford Racing trackside merchandise store by way of a member’s only priority line (note this is for signing sessions only).
  • Members will have the opportunity to purchase tickets to the exclusive Tickford Racing corporate suite at various events throughout the season. Information will be sent via email upon registration of membership.


  • Platinum members who nominate the Tickford Racing ride day HOT LAP must be 16 years or older at the time of the hot lap. Proof of age may be requested by Tickford Racing.
  • Tickford Racing Platinum members will be entitled to one Tickford Racing Supercar Hot Lap experience. This will be at a dedicated ride day and whilst every effort will be made to put you with your preferred driver there are not guarantees due to the day’s logistics. The locations, date and time will be determined by Tickford Racing. This hot lap is not transferable to third parties, friends or family. Members are responsible for their own transportation to the location and all other costs such as accommodation. The date and location of this experience will not be negotiable and members must adhere to this time and date. Tickford Racing cannot make alternative arrangements or times if a member misses a scheduled time.
  • Members must comply with Tickford Racing’s ride policy, including being under 185.5 cm in height and weighing no more than 100kg. Members will be required to sign an indemnity form.
  • Platinum members who nominate the Tickford road car for a weekend option must comply with all terms and conditions set down by Tickford. Details available upon request.
  • All drivers must be 25 years or older and hold a current, full and valid, Australian driver licence.
  • Team photo opportunity: Date and time to be determined by the team. It will only be one date and will be at the race HQ in Victoria and will be subject to change with possibly very little notice.
  • Tickford Racing reserves the right to cancel any pit tour, hot lap or workshop for any reason without notice.


  • Invitation to annual team BBQ at Tickford Racing includes driver meet ’n’ greet, and the chance to mingle with staff, team mechanics and engineers. Date of event to be confirmed (only 1 date per racing season)
  • The Tickford Racing Factory tour dates and times will be nominated by Tickford Racing. Members are liable for any travel expenses that may be incurred to attend this tour.
  • Members will have the opportunity to select their official pit tours throughout the year. Members must register via the invitation email prior to each event and not just turn up on the day. An allocated time will be made available by Tickford Racing and this time will not be negotiable and members must adhere to this time and date. Tickford Racing cannot make alternative arrangements or times if a member misses a scheduled time. The tour will be conducted by a member of Tickford Racing staff and are not transferrable to third parties.
  • Tour places are strictly limited and will work on first in best dressed scenario – online registration required. Event is limited to members only.
  • General admission tickets must be purchased separately to gain access to track and may require Pit Paddock access on top of the cost of a General Admission ticket. Members are liable for ticket charges and travel expenses.


  • Member experience ‘garage walk through’ cannot be redeemed at Bathurst 2019 – this is a separate membership.


  • Member experience ‘garage walk through’ can only be redeemed at Bathurst 2019.
  • Bathurst item is at team discretion subject to change due to availability

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at merchandise@tickford.com.au.